Signal 44 Solutions prides itself on providing training experiences that go above and beyond the minimum standards. If you are looking for an in depth, complete training solution, then Signal 44 Solutions is for you. We offer training on a wide range of topics involving safety. If there is a course we do not offer, we can develop and produce the training to your specifications.

We offer two different types of training. In person training courses, and live online based training.

In Person Training

Signal 44 Solutions holds training sessions throughout the country on a variety of topics. If your company would like us to come to your place of business, we would be more than happy to help.

Live Online Based Training

Many companies offer online training. Generally the trainee would click through a presentation then take a small quiz at the end to receive proof of completion. This is fine if you only want to go through the motions to complete the course, but what if you have questions? What if you don't understand something? What if you want more information than is provided?

This is why we pride ourselves on our online learning solutions. A live person instructs the course. You can ask questions by chat or by voice. You can ask the instructor to slow down or review something you didn't fully understand. It is the high quality instruction you would receive in a classroom, but from the convienience of your home or office.